Sharkfin is the handcraft manufacturer of equipment and gears for underwater sports.
We specialize in finswimming and freediving monofins/fins, lifesaving fins and accessories.

Company was founded in 2007 by Maksym Kotov - World and European Youth Champion in finswimming and multiple World and European Champion in underwater orienteering.

At the moment huge part of athletes in all over the wold using our equipment for achieving their personal bests, setting new World , continental and national records in Finswimming ,Freediving and Lifesaving and it is a big honor for us to help them in it.

Why Sharkfin ?

  • Wide experience in manufacturing

  • Personal approach to each client

  • Advanced high quality materials only

  • Regular improvement based on tests and feedbacks of top athletes

  • Worldwide shipping

  • Warranty and maintenance

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